The world renowned independent testing and research facility Plymouth Marine Laboratory Applications Ltd (with over 500 global partners) has recently published the results of their 5 year anti-foul trial. This process tested products from many of the major anti-foul manufacturers, and involved test panels attached to a frame anchored to the sea-bed of an area of high tidal flow. At the end of the trial the panels were checked for their performance, both in terms of anti-fouling (i.e. how clean they had remained) and their physical condition (i.e. how much of the original thickness had been lost).

To quote from the report: “After 60 months of testing, Coppercoat was the best performing coating.”

It goes on to say: “Coppercoat showed little significant change in thickness over time.” Indeed, we would have been delighted to see the trial continue for a further 5 years, or more! But with many of the other coatings having already completely failed, it was decided there was little point in such an extension.


PML Applications Ltd - PMA 139

Prepared by: Dr. Tom Vance , Miss Anna Yunnie & Costanza Zanghí