In terms of keeping a hull clear of growth, Coppercoat is not just long-lasting, it was designed to be even more effective than the very best performing conventional systems. In fact Coppercoat is the most copper-rich and powerful protection system on the market. The high performance of Coppercoat has seen our product become increasingly popular within racing circles. From National champions (such as Sally Dugdale, UK Yeoman Champion) through to club racers (such as Jim Barham of Nauticat UK, winter series winner at Royal Southampton Yacht Club) and Olympic medal winning sailors (such as Keith Musto), more and more racers are extolling the virtues of Coppercoat. For example, the 72ft Oystercatcher XXV that won the Rolex Antigua Sail Week (Performance Cruising Class 1) uses Coppercoat. At a cost of well over £3 million the owner of this hull had the yacht built to a weight several tonnes less than the conventional 72ft Oyster and concluded that Coppercoat gave a significant performance advantage.

Please note that this high boat-speed is not simply derived from hull cleanliness (after-all, a new coat of conventional anti-fouling will be clean for a while), it comes from lower drag. Conventional anti-foul paints absorb water (allowing them to leach their biocides) and in so doing swell and increase in weight. This adds friction and drag and slows the boat which explains why dry-sailing (i.e. sailing without anti-foul) is a faster option. Coppercoat, on the other hand, is epoxy based and does not absorb water. It does not swell, does not increase in weight, and does not add drag to the boat. Coppercoat provides the ideal solution – the high-performance associated with dry sailing and decade or longer protection.

Of course, the advantage of good performance is not limited to yacht racers – motorboat owners report increased hull/fuel efficiency, with greater boat speed at fewer engine revs. You will not be surprised to learn that even the UK’s largest and most expensive production motor-boat (the £12 million 37M Tri-Deck Sunseeker as displayed at the 2009 London Boat Show) uses Coppercoat. A production manager on the super-yacht line at Sunseeker International reported a 4 knot increase in the top end performance of his personal 34ft Portofino powerboat.

Coppercoat uses only copper of over 99% purity – this guarantees the maximum possible anti-fouling effects.

Tests show that in products using less pure copper, or weaker alloys such as copper nickel, antifouling performance is substantially reduced (due to the slower release rate and lower overall production of cuprous oxide).

Coppercoat‘s average pure copper content when cured is over 83% by volume. Joined by the small particle size, this unique combination allows Coppercoat to create and expose more active products to marine fouling than any other product, making it the most potent and copper rich antifoul available to the general public.

The proven long-term performance of Coppercoat is unrivalled – as testified by legions of customers now enjoying their 16th, 17th and even 18th season of protection!